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Evan Prodromou wrote

>I'll jump in on the
>Debian side and try to get this straight, though.
That would be great! I would be very interested what the official 
position is. My view of Creative Commons was slightly tainted when I 
read that email and a couple of blog entries on the topic by a friend.

If CC are making a concious decision NOT to make the licenses DFSG-free 
and have a good reason for doing so, I'd like to hear their reason and 
would respect their decision. But if there's no good reason why they 
couldn't be DFSG-free and they simply don't know about it yet I think it 
would be worth while altering them to meet the guidelines. Perhaps 
you're right and some of the licenses already are DFSG-free. Please do 
report back your findings! I'm afraid I'm a little out of my depth for 
any more constructive discussion on the topic, I shy away from the 
complicated legal details!

If you're interested in the blog entries I'm talking about:

A problem with the CC2.0 licenses at the end of 4a (Restrictions):
An example of why this is a problem:

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