The Beeb and CC

Greg London email at
Tue Jun 8 10:36:07 EDT 2004

Ben Francis said:
> Does anyone know if Creative Commons are aware
> that the Debian community still considers CC to
> be non-free

If they don't, it's not for lack of trying...


> and are they bothered by this?

As an outside observer, I'd say they're not bothered.

CC seems to have the motto
"some rights reserved is better than all rights reserved"
which seems to be what has caused them to create a
number of licenses that have nothing to do with a
gift economy. NonCommercial, EducationalOnly,
NoDerivatives, are all wholly incompatible with
the Open Source community.

But CC doesn't seem focused on Gift Economies.
It appears to be focused more on Market Economy
licenses, giving out free samples of a work
so that people will pay for a commercial version.

Not that it's good or bad, but it's a different

I think CC was started to show people that
it's possible to make money without resorting
to draconian copyright enforcement like the DMCA,
terms that last a century, and technological
restrictions like having DRM built into every
copy of a work.

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