The Beeb and CC

Ben Francis lists at
Tue Jun 8 06:16:52 EDT 2004

Rob Myers wrote:

>if IBM and Netscape can have their own Open Source Licenses, the BBC can certainly have its own Open Content license. 
>I'd certainly like to see them go CC, although possibly a CC-compatible license (like GPL-compatible...) would be OK at a pinch.
Perhaps unlike CC 2.0 licenses the BBC's license will actually be 
DFSG-free as outlined here --> (Debian Free 
Software Guidelines)

The CC licenses have a few problems which makes them non-free under DFSG 
terms -->

Does anyone know if Creative Commons are aware that the Debian community 
still considers CC to be non-free and are they bothered by this?

Back on the subject of the BBC though, it's probably likely that the BBC 
will have licenses which are MORE restrictive than CC rather than less.

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