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Fri Jun 4 11:32:11 EDT 2004

>>>>> "GL" == Greg London <email at> writes:

    GL> I vaguely recall a situation a while back where someone wanted
    GL> to license their web software under an OSI license with the
    GL> requirement that all websites that use their software keep
    GL> intact a link to the author's website. [...] The idea was shot
    GL> down. And the software had to drop the attribution requirement
    GL> to get "OSI-Certified" on their distribution.

It'd be great to see some more info on this -- I find it hard to
believe. Can you try and find some links?


P.S. It'd be a lot easier to engage in conversations with you if you
didn't put that Reply-To: header with a fake email address in it in
every one of your messages. It is really, really annoying to deal
with, a misuse of Reply-To, and an unfair imposition on your

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