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Glenn Otis Brown glenn at
Mon Jan 26 01:21:19 EST 2004

As we announced last week, we're getting ready to roll out Version 2.0 
of the eleven original Creative Commons licenses. Review a draft of 
v2.0 of the by-sa-nc license (from which all other licenses are 
composed) and let us know what you think. It'll be up until Feb. 15, 
and we may make updates in the meantime -- we'll let you know.

A review of the changes, with directions to the relevant section:
	• 	Warranties will now be a matter of choice for the licensor. See 
Section 5a.
	• 	The attribution clause will include a link-back requirement simliar 
to the one previously discussed here. Licensees will only be required 
to link back to licensors if (1) it's reasonably practical to do so; 
(2) the licensor actually specifies a URI; (3) that URI actually points 
to license information about the work. See Section 4d.
	• 	The Share Alike provision will be more flexible. The provision will 
allow licensees to license resulting derivative works under Creative 
Commons licenses that feature the same license 
restrictions/permissions, including future and iCommons versions of the 
same license. The Share Alike provision will also be clearer about what 
happens when different kinds of Share Alike content is mixed together 
(e.g., How to license a collage made from an SA photograph combined 
with an NC-SA photograph). See Section 4b.
	• 	Ideas for creating compatibility between our SA license and the GNU 
FDL are coming soon. We'll post here and to the cc-licenses list when 
it's ready.

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