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Sun Feb 8 16:56:32 EST 2004

>>>>> "RM" == Rob Myers <robmyers at> writes:

    RM> A slight modification to 5a will take effort to sell to the
    RM> bloggers who scream blue murder over having to claim
    RM> authorship over their own work.

So, one thing that bothers me about the loss of 5a is that the
original discussion was about creating an *additional* legal document
for bloggers et. al. who don't have confidence in their own rights to
warranty the work they publish. I think the word "quitclaim" was
tossed around on this page:

I'm not really sure what a quitclaim is, but it sounds like what Dan
Bricklin and others were asking for.

Bricklin even called the warranty in CC 1.0 licenses "appropriate".

Webster's 1913 definition of quitclaim, presented here through the
magic of the public domain:

     Quitclaim \Quit"claim`\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Quitclaimed}; p.
     pr. & vb. n. {Quitclaiming}.] (Law)
     To release or relinquish a claim to; to release a claim to by
     deed, without covenants of warranty against adverse and
     paramount titles.

Sounds about right for what people were asking for.

I personally don't really care all that much about the needs of
bloggers, but if CC wants to address them, maybe a new license^W
agreement project needs to be started, a la the other agreements here:

I'd volunteer to start a "quitclaim" project, even though I don't give
a crap about quitclaims, just to preserve the warranty in the real

What bothers me is that the argument that was specifically about
creating _additional_ licenses seems to have been reinterpreted into
changing _all_ licenses. There is great value for publishers, users,
creators of derivative works, and, yes, even original authors
themselves in having the warranty section. Removing it for a minority
of creators who don't feel comfortable with asserting and warrantying
their right to publish makes the work of the rest of us less useful
and worthwhile.

I realize my continual harping on this issue is probably pretty
annoying. I apologize for that.


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