Why do you have to chose the 'Attribution' option with the new CC 2.0 Licenses?

James Grimmelmann james.grimmelmann at yale.edu
Tue Aug 17 12:26:24 EDT 2004

At 05:56 AM 8/17/2004, Greg London wrote:

>James Grimmelmann said:
> > I would disagree that Creative Commons has "a" model.
>You said the most common license was CC-NC-SA, which
>supports my notion that CC has "a" model. Or at the
>very least, most users have "a" model of how to use
>CC licenses.

There are different camps, even among authors choosing CC-(BY)-NC-SA.  Some 
see it as a strong attempt to enforce reciprocity from downstream authors 
in two different ways (don't make money and give back to others).  Others 
see it as a more permissive version of CC-(BY)-NC-ND: a more generous form 
of "community service," as you say.

>Linux is a gift economy
>RedHat is a market economy doing community service

This is a great example -- because these two economies coexist and 
contribute positively to each other.  Neither could exist alone.

I am not a lawyer; I do not speak for Creative Commons.


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