Require Notification option?

Elisabeth Riba lis at
Wed Sep 10 14:46:00 EDT 2003

I was just poking about the site and noticed the proposal for link-back
attribution. I don't necessarily need a hotlink, but I would like to at
least *know* where my work is appearing. I want to see a notification
option -- not for permission, but just as a courtesy.

I'd also like there to be some option for allowing derivative works only
with some identification of what has been altered, so I'm not falsely
credited for modifications that weren't mine.

Frankly, those two concerns -- knowing where my work is being reproduced
and reducing the risk of harmful alterations attributed to me -- are the
main reasons I keep hesitating over changing the copyrights on my site to
CC licenses.

[I also posted this to the link-back attribution proposal
<> but since the thread is so
old, I wasn't sure if anybody's still reading it; thus this to the list.]

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