what about broadcasting?

schwael at earlham.edu schwael at earlham.edu
Sat Oct 4 18:51:36 EDT 2003

I thought I'd post this suggestion to your discussion, though I don't know
if it has been addressed already.

I'm not sure what the equivilant would be in art forms other than
audio/music, but as a sometimes internet radio dj, it would be really nice
if i didn't have to worry about the legality of each song i'd like to
broadcast.  I tend to assume that anything i've gotten over mp3.com is
fair game for sharing (especially since it's radio streaming), but it
would be nice to have an o.k. from the artist.

Just a thought.  If you want to respond back to the list, I can check your
archives to see what you think.

Keep up the fantastic work guys!  I'm very impressed with the site/concept.

~Elizabeth Schwartz

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