[cc-it] ancora sul tema CC e database

Simone Aliprandi simone.aliprandi a gmail.com
Ven 14 Gen 2011 18:06:39 EST

Rispolverando il tema particolarmente ostico del licenziamento dei
database, ci tenevo a far notare in questa lista un passo del report
"Open Data, Open Society report" (che si puņ scaricare in versione
integrale su http://www.dime-eu.org/node/907).
- - -
The choice of proper licenses for PSI is obviously essential. Common
guidelines and recommendations on this topic at EU or at least country
level would make much easier to exchange, correlate and reuse PSI,
especially because the best choice also depends on the technical
nature of the data. When it comes to databases, for example, several
experts suggest to not use the popular Creative Commons licenses (with
the exception of the one called CC0), but to adopt the Open Database
License. The reasons are explained in detail in the article Why Need
For Database License and in the Open Knowledge Definition, which
comprises 11 clauses providing detail around the core premise that
‘open’ data should be freely available online for use and re-use. The
UK PSI License is one useful example of the ways in which these
generic principles may be practically implemented by governments.
- - -

E' un'affermazione abbastanza forte. Cosa ne pensate?

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