[cc-it] contratto o non contratto?

Simone Aliprandi simone.aliprandi a gmail.com
Lun 7 Feb 2011 18:32:14 EST

> Ad ogni modo, per approfondire ulteriormente il tema ho trovato anche
> questo: http://www.law.washington.edu/lta/swp/law/contractvlicense.html

e soprattutto questo:

"A court might view open source licenses through the lens of contract
law if it rejects the argument that a copyright license may be
governed only by copyright law. Contract law generally but not always
requires a clear indication of mutual assent to the license terms. If
an open source license is simply embedded within the software itself,
without any other notice to a prospective licensee, then there is some
question as to whether the license can be enforced as a contract; the
user would not have received explicit notice of license terms or the
opportunity to explicitly agree to those terms."

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