[cc-it] 3rd Creative Commons Technical Summit (Torino, 26 giugno 2009)

J.C. DE MARTIN demartin a polito.it
Gio 4 Giu 2009 17:14:33 EDT


vi segnalo che venerdi' 26 giugno 2009
si terra' presso l'Aula Magna del Politecnico al
Lingotto il

  3rd Creative Commons Technical Summit

Questa terza edizione, ospitata dal Centro NEXA
su Internet & Societą (http://nexa.polito.it) del Politecnico,
segue alla prima (giugno 2008) presso il campus di Google (California)
e la seconda (dicembre 208) ospitata da ll'MIT (Boston).

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juan carlos de martin

Creative Commons Technology Summit 2009-06-26

Creative Commons is a non profit organization that builds tools that 
help realize the full potential of the commons in the age of digital 
networks. Launched at the end of 2002, Creative Commons licenses have 
set the standard for sharing cultural works (i.e., "content", "media", 
etc.), following in the footsteps of free and open source software. Over 
the past five years we have also actively developed and contributed to 
technologies that complement its public licenses, with the aim of using 
software to enhance the discoverability and practical [re]usability of 
content -- to help users manage content, as opposed to software designed 
to help content manage users (i.e., DRM). In 2006 Creative Commons 
launched Science Commons, a project applying similar principles to 
science and research. ccLearn was launched in 2007 to help minimize 
barriers to sharing and reuse of educational materials.

Creative Commons holds its third technology summit on June 26, 2009 at 
Aula Magna Lingotto - Politecnico di Torino in Turin, Italy. Creative 
Commons Technology Summits are a forum for exploration of technology 
built upon and enhanced by Creative Commons licenses and work in the 
Semantic Web arena.

The NEXA Center for Internet & Society is a multidisciplinary research 
center of the Politecnico di Torino founded in 2006 to study the 
Internet and to pioneer its development. Web site: 
http://nexa.polito.it, Corso Trento 21, 10129 Torino, email: 
info a nexa.polito.it, tel: 011.564.5956, fax: 011.564.7216.

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