[Cc-it] CCL and Copyright (Italy, Japan)

Francesco Diodato fdiodatojp a yahoo.co.jp
Sab 1 Set 2007 01:22:10 EDT

  I'd like to ask you some questions about the Creative Commons License.
   First of all, are all the contents available online automatically copyrighted even if it's not written so? Is it the same for all over the world?   
   Even if my material has no copyright, can I use a Creative Commons License? Does it protect my work?   
   Regarding the licenses, you have different licenses for every country. It means if I choose Japan, where I work, people in Italy (my country) can ignore the license?   
   If I teach in online courses to people from different countries, which jurisdiction should I choose?   
   Regarding copyright law, for Internet the jurisdiction is that of the hosting server, the author (his nationality or the country he lives?) or the users?   
   Do you know where can I find laws about the privacy? Are there international laws? For Internet, as the contents are available all over the world, which is the jurisdiction?
  Thank you very much.


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