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da_panoz sblinda a gmail.com
Gio 8 Nov 2007 11:49:53 EST

Hi all my friends, I guess is possible to chat by mail in italian but I'll
write this first mail in english, according to the subscriptions

I desperately tried to contact JC deMartin, but Nope, no feedback. So Maybe
someone out there can hear me.

I just want to build a conceptual system based on the convintion that the CC
is ready to comprehend the industrial production too. In many cases
companies like mine are not direct manufacturers of the entire product, but
are creative centers, designers, comercial partners that works around the
marketing processes, or graphic designers, artisans that uses suppliers for
the entire production goal processes.
In fact I've already tried to licens a product, the iGoatse iPod Case, (try
to find it trough google search, I feel unconfortable to use the link in a
mail :D). In may case this product was sponsored on the web before we've
produced it. All the adv materials and banners and all the images, sites and
texts were under CC. On the packaging of the product sold on the net ther is
a big a readable claim that says: " iGoatse is and industrial production
promoted by a Creative commons license.

I know that the patent systems are different, but I want to say that I like
to reach the market with my products fighting for it, accepting the risks of
the "china copy", but in sane competition.

Maybe this is not the right placce to discuss it, but I don't know if
there's someone that can help me, finding a way to configure a different
situation for the products that comes from the internet communities and
remain in the internet targetted customers, products that escape from the
virtuality only to be produced.

Thank you guys

Florentin Hortopan
extraneo.it and diversamente company administrator
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