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Sfrutto i pochi minuti in cui riesco a connettermi oggi per fare una cosa
che credo sia gradita a tutta la lista.
Ho ricevuto da Christiane la bozza delle linee guida per la fase 2.
Le ho chiesto se avrei potuto spedirla in lista per discuterla insieme e...
Le ho detto che le avremmo inviato la nostre considerazioni e proposte.
Purtroppo non ho il tempo di leggere i messaggi giunti in lista tra ieri e
oggi. Mi auguro di poterlo fare al pił presto.

Un saluto a tutti,
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Phase 2: Community Building
2.1 Creative Commons identifies the Public Project Lead and Public Affiliate
Institution for community building. In addition to the Legal Project Lead,
we need public project leads for Phase II. The Affiliate Institution can be
identical to Phase I, or could be an independent institution that works with
the Legal Project Lead. Selection criteria for these outreach specialists

Professional credentials/ public relations experience and reputation,
Reputation among the creative community and within the technology industry
to support Creative Commons technologies, and also within business to garner
support for promotional events;
Enthusiasm for the project; and Willingness to work within the framework
described in these Guidelines.
The Public Project Lead will head up the particular country's community
building efforts for educating the public about iCommons licenses and
encouraging their use. These individuals will be in charge of building
awareness around the local Creative Commons licenses and trying to convince
specific groups to integrate the licenses into their current practices.

2.2 Creative Commons and Public Project Lead/Affiliate Institution sign
Memorandum of Understanding. We may in some cases lay the groundwork for
promoting a country's iCommons licenses before Phase II community building
officially begins. (For example, the launch of the licenses may be an
opportunity to bridge the legal porting with community building). For this
reason, Creative Commons and the Public Project Lead may sign a Memorandum
of Understanding (MOU) well in advance of the official start of community
building, which normally will correspond with the public launch of the
2.3 Public Project Lead works with Creative Commons to establish an Advisory
Board. The Board should include representatives from the business community
as well as the educational, artistic, technological and Internet publishing

2.4 The Advisory Board works with the Public Project Lead to establish
country-specific objectives that are consistent with the Creative Commons'
mission. The Advisory Board should then charge the Public Project Lead with
developing a work plan for accomplishing these objectives. A proposed
timeline should accompany this work plan.

2.5 The Public Project Lead presents the work plan and timeline to the
iCommons Director. While Creative Commons aims to allow a high degree of
autonomy for individual iCommons projects, it at the same time needs to
ensure the consistency of the Creative Commons message across countries;
therefore, the Project Lead is encouraged to report to the iCommons Director
on a semi-annual basis, with the report including the current work plan and
budgetary issues, if any. During the Community Building process, serious
problems should be called to the attention of the iCommons Director when
they become apparent.

2.6 Early on, the Public Project Lead sets up a Web site for the country's
iCommons project. This Web site should be in conformity with the iCommons
Style Standards and should include:

Press archives (mirrored with Creative Commons' site)
Country-specific FAQs plus standard iCommons FAQs
Flash video in the country's primary language
Interesting content from the local creative community
A blog highlighting local use of Creative Commons licenses and related
events and activities

As countries achieve the steps in Phases I and II, progress will be
displayed in the iCommons Chart on Country Progress, found on the iCommons
Wiki for Project Leads and appearing in simpler form on the iCommons Web

So you want to build a national Creative Commons website to highlight the
activities of your project? Follow these guidelines to help you in making
decisions about technology, design and content.

Style sheets, fonts and logos:
Go to http://www.ibiblio.org/cccr/cc-files.zip to find a copy of the cc home
page and a subpage, with a few images, in addition to a photoshop template
for the header titles and the font used.

The cc logo font is here:

Web software:
We suggest using Wordpress for the blog engine on your site.

Please put this disclaimer at the bottom of your page templates: 'These
views do not necessarily represent the views of Creative Commons'

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