[Cc-it] Re: Lessig su diritti morali & CCPL

Nicola Alcide Grossi copernico a larivoluzione.it
Lun 28 Feb 2005 19:35:30 EST

Messaggio tratto dal blog di Lessig (non c'entra molto con la nostra 
discussione [così come non c'entra molto con la nostra discussione 
l'articolo di Lessig], però è interessante... anche la forma, ricorda un 
sonetto :D... lasciatemi fare il profeta: Lessig non risponderà al Sig. 

Professor Lessig, 

I don't think that you are correct about moral rights
being common to the United States tradition. I think
that you continue this "myth" to appease those who
strongly believe in moral rights and/or to support
your belief in moral rights or author's rights. 

Nowhere in the history of the United States do we
see moral rights (or author's rights) as being
treated separately from other rights as given by
copyright. It is only Europe that does so. 

Moreover, what is unsaid from your post is how long
do you think the moral rights (or author's rights)
should last? Do you support France's perpetual
moral rights? Do you treat moral rights or author's
rights as a form of property rights or non-property

I have not seen Lyman Ray Patterson's book. I don't
intend to purchase a copy anytime soon. So, I am
at a big disadvantage to those who has access to

To blaze, 

Try googling on moral rights. Generally speaking,
they are the right to maintain the integrity in a
work and the right to attribution for the work. 

Joseph Pietro Riolo 

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