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Mer 6 Apr 2005 09:22:28 EDT

Please read here.
**Mr Stallman comments with Mr Grossi the **"second act"** (and not the 
first) of Scarichiamoli! then they introduce a modification concernig free 
software.*** (third item)

Danilo Moi 



mail a attivista.com Scrive: 

> Hi Mr Maffulli  
> Everything was clarified and the "problem" was solved.  
> We got this.
> http://www.creativecommons.it/pipermail/community/2005-April/000512.html  
> Is that message a fake?
> Is Mr Grossi a liar?  
> On my opinion there's was no reason to bother Mr Stallman one more time!!  
> Best
> Danilo Moi  
> Stefano Maffulli Scrive:  
>> Dear Christiane and dear Italian Public Lead,  
>> I cannot continue reading and stay silent with all these messages in
>> Italian and in English on public mailing lists mentioning a supposed
>> support of Richard Stallman to 'scarichiamoli' and without the same mr.
>> Stallman in copy.  This is very unfair and cannot be tolerated further:
>> the issue has degenerated into a flame war.  
>> I want to make you aware of the fact that mr. Stallman has not given
>> "full support" to the 'scarichiamoli' initiative as reported in the
>> following, clear, sentence:  
>>     rms wrote:
>>         I agree with the goals of Scarichiamoli which were stated to me
>>         as follows.
>>                 >     Public access to intellectual works that are in 
>> public
>>         domain
>>         >     (our culture, our story) and free use of intellectual
>>         works
>>         >     financed with public money.
>>                 I don't read Italian, and I don't know the precise 
>> details of
>>         the
>>         Scarichiamoli proposal, so I can't have an opinion about them.
>>         However, I am happy to lend my name in support of the goals as
>>         stated above.
>>         Here you can read exactly what is written, not any more hidden 
>> meanings.  
>> Scarichiamoli cannot be sinthesized only in that sentence since it
>> contains also a proposal of reform of a basic copyright law in Italian
>> legal system.  The impact of this reform still have not been evaluated
>> in respect to Free Software.  In any case, the fact that Moi and Grossi
>> (and the whole 4 people staff a creativecommons.it) avoid CCing mr
>> Stallman speaks for their methods of confused communication.  
>> I ask everybody, to stop dragging other people into this personal
>> crusade considering that this fight can seriously damage the image of CC
>> in Italy (the archives of the lists @creativecommons.it are public and
>> indexed).  
>> Thanks for your patience
>> stefano maffulli

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