[Cc-it] Resignations from cc.it

Maria Chiara Pievatolo pievatolo a despammed.com
Mer 6 Apr 2005 08:22:00 EDT

Dear cc.it people,
I do share the Creative Commons principles and ideals. I do not share, 
however, the current way of  cooperating in cc.it; and I did not share the 
idea of mixing the cc.it project with other undertakings, like 
"Scarichiamoli", which I did not endorse because it is, in my opinion, loaded 
with political and legal  problems.
I only translated the Science Commons section; after that, I "froze" my 
cooperation for lack of time and because I experienced too many internecine 
conflicts to work in a productive way.
Now, however, I feel obliged to present my resignations from cc.it.  I 
continue to share the Creative Commons ideals; and if my work is needed, I 
may find some time to contribute - but if and only if a more peaceful  
cooperation environment is established.
Many thanks to you all,
MC Pievatolo

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