[Cc-it] Stop using Richard Stallman's name

Stefano Maffulli maffulli a fsfeurope.org
Mer 6 Apr 2005 07:25:37 EDT

Dear Christiane and dear Italian Public Lead,

I cannot continue reading and stay silent with all these messages in
Italian and in English on public mailing lists mentioning a supposed
support of Richard Stallman to 'scarichiamoli' and without the same mr.
Stallman in copy.  This is very unfair and cannot be tolerated further:
the issue has degenerated into a flame war.

I want to make you aware of the fact that mr. Stallman has not given
"full support" to the 'scarichiamoli' initiative as reported in the
following, clear, sentence:

    rms wrote:
        I agree with the goals of Scarichiamoli which were stated to me
        as follows.
        >     Public access to intellectual works that are in public
        >     (our culture, our story) and free use of intellectual
        >     financed with public money.
        I don't read Italian, and I don't know the precise details of
        Scarichiamoli proposal, so I can't have an opinion about them.
        However, I am happy to lend my name in support of the goals as
        stated above.
Here you can read exactly what is written, not any more hidden meanings.

Scarichiamoli cannot be sinthesized only in that sentence since it
contains also a proposal of reform of a basic copyright law in Italian
legal system.  The impact of this reform still have not been evaluated
in respect to Free Software.  In any case, the fact that Moi and Grossi
(and the whole 4 people staff a creativecommons.it) avoid CCing mr
Stallman speaks for their methods of confused communication.

I ask everybody, to stop dragging other people into this personal
crusade considering that this fight can seriously damage the image of CC
in Italy (the archives of the lists @creativecommons.it are public and

Thanks for your patience
stefano maffulli

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