[Cc-it] Creativecommons.it: Richiesta dimissioni De Martin -english version-

ComunitÓ Creative Commons Italia staff a creativecommons.it
Mar 5 Apr 2005 13:17:46 EDT

Notwithstanding the lies Stallman heard on our initiative (someone has told
him completely wrong facts), and the complete lack of support from some
people from whom we were expecting it, Richard Stallman makes his position
clear, stating his happiness in supporting the founding principles of the
"Scarichiamoli!" project and confirms his name among our official

>From this moment on we do not recognize anymore Juan Carlos Martin as our
key public project leader and we want to publicly revoke the trust we have
placed in this person (as agreed in December in Turin in the presence of
Lessig, Ricolfi and Martin: "Select yourselves your representatives"). 

We think that his modus operandi has been ambiguous and counterproductive
within the framework we were operating in as well as in within others he was
previously involved with.

>From now on the only official contact at CreativeCommons.it is
"staff a creativecommons.it".

The only official list of the Creative Commons Italian community is 
"community a creativecommons.it" 

We request that creativecommons.org purchases immediately the
creativecommons.it domain or that it establishes as soon as possible the
policies and procedures by which the work executed so far will be
officialized and acknowledged. 

We want to relate and interact directly with creativecommons.org and, as
agreed in the past, we acknowledge as official Creative Commons licenses
those presented by the Italian Affiliate Institutions and discussed on the
official cc-it list at lists.ibiblio.org.

We intend to re-elect our public project leader. Until the new election
takes place we place our temporary preference with Mr Danilo Moi to act as
our interim project leader (already identified as the second possible
alternative during the first election of Martin).

The underwriters:

Danilo Moi (danilomoi at creativecommons.it)
Michele Bottari (michele.bottari at creativecommons.it)
Marco Marandola (marco.marandola at creativecommons.it)
Fabio Sabatino (fabio.sabatino at creativecommons.it)
Nicola Alcide Grossi (nicola.grossi at creativecommons.it)
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