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Mar 5 Apr 2005 12:13:26 EDT

Hi Christiane 

Mr Margoni says: "I trust in De Martin"
[..]Conclusione: ho in De Martin ne pił ne meno fiducia di quella che avevo
prima di questo fattaccio[..]
Have you got the emails of mr Margoni send from his account on 
mr Margoni (and **I suppose** Mr De Tomasi) spoke with you about our 
affiliate institutions.
They truly trust in De Martin?
I have a different point of view. 

Certainly  you know what is going on here at creativecommons.it
The whole staff working at the webiste (excluding ***Lorenzo and Thomas
Margoni***) does no more recognize mr De Martin as public lead.
We revocate our vote expressed last january. 

Mr De Martin says: "there was no election, I'm depute as a public lead by

Is it true?
This year of hard work is a "fake"? 

Our community is getting bigger and bigger.
Our "Scarichiamoli!" project is becoming one of the most interesting 
initiatives in the italian "webscape".
***As you certanly know, mr Stallman endorses us!***
We are proud of our work. 

We want to go on with our work and we hope it will possible to work
directly in contact with you.
We asked many times to Mr De Martin to help us in clarify our position...Mr
De Martin never answered.
We are fed up!!! 

We are also really *disappointed* (as you know) by De Martin's absence and 
lack of aid in the "Stallman's affair" 

We want to point out that, till now, the entire work was done without any 
external help. 

***We wait for your answer.*** 

Danilo Moi
(and the other subscribers of this)

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