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Diane Cabell cabell a cyber.law.harvard.edu
Ven 1 Ott 2004 08:33:00 EDT

See below.
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Subject: Re: creativecommons.it logotypes and policies

Dear Christiane, Diane and Mike
We are waiting for the final translation of the Italian licenses from
the Italian Partner institutions.
When they'll be ready - we hope in a couple weeks - we'll put online
the other sections of creativecommons.it

Before doing this, we need:

1. [Diane] your written authorization for the usage of logotypes.
Especially for the main one (modified in creativecommons.it
http://creativecommons.it/media/cc-logo.png ). **Please answer to
cc-it a lists.ibiblio.org ** Without your written endorsement we will be
unable to publish.

You may use the CC trademarks in accordance with our policy as described at
http://creativecommons.org/policies.  You may use the modified logo
<http://creativecommons.it/media/cc-logo.png> only to identify the licenses
that have been modified for Italy and authorized for use through the MOU.
The trademarks  and modifications may not be used for any commercial
activity without prior authorization from Creative Commons Corp. in each
case.  CC reserves the right to terminate this authorization in accordance
with the policies.

2. [Diane] to know if we have to modify the policies <
http://creativecommons.org/policies > on our website.

Are you intending to use the same policies on your site?


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