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News - November 2004

Copyleft Radio Day
  December 10 - one day for Open Content Radio in Belgium

This year's "Golden Nica" at the Ars Electronica in Linz/Austria had 
been awarded to the "Creative Commons". This principle allows artists 
to offer some of their rights to any taker, and to select under which 
conditions this offer is made. Free licenses like the "Creative Commons 
Licences" are increasingly adopted to distribute music, images, video.

  The "Creative Commons Belgian Launch Event" will take place on the 
10th of December. There you can find out how to use these licenses and 
why they are of interest to artists and the public domain. You can also 
meet the team of lawyers who crafted their adaptation to the Belgian 
law, and meet local and international practitioners who already use 
these licenses.

In relation to this event, Belgian independent radios (RUN, 
RadioCampus, Radio Centraal, ...) will broadcast a large selection of 
free licensed content on the eve of the launch. On these radio stations 
that are members of the "www.radioswap.net -Exchange Network", the 
program on the 9th of December shall be made of 100% free material: 
licensed under Creative Commons, part of the public domain.

  As vividly discussed for a number of years (c.f. the interview with 
Pit Schulz on Audiohyperspace) many independent radio program makers 
and artists are convinced that the classic copyright model is not 
sustainable anymore. As netlabels, independent music portals, free 
music distributors are flourishing, they consider it necessary and 
urgent to explore alternative ways of working, distributing and 
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