[Cc-it] Annuncio: Rilascio di versione OMS con supporto per metadata CCPL

J.C. De Martin demartin a polito.it
Mer 30 Giu 2004 07:03:15 EDT

Dear all,

We are very glad to announce the first release of the
Open Media Streaming (OMS) software suite
with full support for CCPL metadata.

The streaming server now may send licensing information
to the client, which displays it graphically to the user
using the CC logo and the CC icons (see attached screen shots),
and then take the appropriate action
(i.e. accept or refuse the stream depending on
its license, as specified by the user).

More information available below or
at the OMS web site, http://streaming.polito.it.

Please feel free to distribute and publicize this announcement.

Suggestions, questions, etc. are -of course- very welcome.

Best regards,

Juan Carlos De Martin


29th June 2004 - OMS-Server Fenice 1.5 "Creative Commons" released

A new release featuring Creative Commons licensing meta-data support.

* Added support for Creative Commons licensing meta-data for
audio/video streaming.
* Preliminary live audio support via named-pipe.
* A brand new source tree structure.
* Various improvement and bug-fixes.
* New subversion repository (https://gemelli.polito.it/svn/fenice/trunk)

29th June 2004 - OMS-Client NeMeSI 0.3.0 'Creative Commons' released

An experimental branch supporting Creative Commons licensed
audio/video streaming.

Please note that the CC stuff in the source code is in very alpha
stage: no more than IETF's-style "running code" to test a
soon-to-be-released specification proposal for streaming Creative
Commons licensing meta-data over RTSP/RTP protocols.

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