[Cc-it] Some questions about the Italian website

Lorenzo De Tomasi lorenzo.detomasi a creativecommons.it
Gio 15 Lug 2004 11:36:43 EDT

Hi Christiane

We are working at creativecommons.it

Some members of the discussion list say that creativecommons.it must 
obtain an authorization for the usage of creative commons' logotypes.
Is it true?

Please go to http://creativecommons.it/
As you can see we are using the same logo of creativecommons.org but we 
add a pale green ".it"
Should we modify that logo?
Or we can still use it?
Or what?

We also have other questions.
We are working at "news" section
In this part of the website many members of the discussion list will 
publish news concerning creative commons.
What kind of disclaimer should we use in this section?

We are working at "learn more" section. We'll publish some comics and 
tutorials similar to cc.org "Artists corners", but adapted to the 
Italian legislation.
The content will be edited collectively on a wiki by the members of the 
list  and published when  approved by the whole list.
What kind of disclaimer should we use in this section?

Please answer to cc-it a lists.ibiblio.org
Thank you in advance.
Lorenzo De Tomasi
Danilo Moi

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