[Cc-it] Public review period for Creative Commons 2.0 licenses

pinna pinna a autistici.org
Dom 1 Feb 2004 17:50:30 EST

una bozza della seconda versione delle licenze Creative Commons e'
pubblicata all'indirizzo

fino al 15 febbraio e' possibile proporre modifiche e suggerimenti
tramite la mailing list cc-licenses


Public review period for Creative Commons 2.0 licenses

Creative Commons, the Open Content organization founded by Lawrence
Lessig, seems to have succeeded where other such groups have floundered
in the past. The tiny Some Rights Reserved rectangle is appearing more
and more on the Web sites of people who traditionally don't care about
Open Content: musicians, writers, photographers, and other non-hackers.

The new licenses fix some perceived faults in the 1.0 versions. Some
important changes:

There are provisions for automatic upgrade of licenses; that is, there's
now an "any later version" clause. This was missing from the 1.0
versions, making it hard to future-proof Open Content works.
There are stipulations for mixing works under different ShareAlike
(kinda sorta like copyleft) provisions, resulting in a work licensed
under a combination of all restrictions of the parent works.
Authors can now require attribution through a link-back URI.
The controversial warranty provision has been dropped. In the previous
version, the licensor asserted that they had cleared the rights to
publish and redistribute the work, and warranted users and creators of
derivative works against problems with copyright, trademark, privacy
rights, etc. This section was one of the most criticized parts of the
licenses. In the 2.0 version, an "as-is" disclaimer of warranty has
replaced this section.

It's rare that there's a public review of licenses before they are
released. This is a good chance for people well informed about Open
Source and Open Content to give valuable input into the development
process. Comments, criticism, and kudos are welcome on the cc-licenses
mailing lists.

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