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DAVIDE MERONI meronidavide a libero.it
Lun 20 Dic 2004 08:13:20 EST

Una notizia apparsa pochi miunri fa su Nettime  http://www.nettime.org

         *** New! Copyscape finds stolen copies of your website! ***

It's easy for people to steal your content from your website and put it 
their own. Content theft is very common and violates your rights as a
website owner.

Copyscape is a revolutionary service that finds stolen copies of your
content online. Simply enter the address of your page, and Copyscape 
the entire web for copies of your content, showing you the results in

Try it now to instantly see who's stolen your content - it's free:


Copyscape also provides you with the information you need to protect
yourself against plagiarism online, including banners to warn potential
content thieves that they will be found. Google Alert and Copyscape are
provided by Indigo Stream Technologies and are not affiliated with 

Un motivo in pił per afficarsi alle CCL!!!!

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