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Mer 15 Dic 2004 03:57:06 EST

christiane at creativecommons.org scrive:
Dear Danilo, 

thank you very much for your work  and help. I hope we can meet in
Torino on the 16th to discuss the future of creativecommons.it? 

All the best, Christiane

Danilo Moi risponde: 

Hi Christiane 

I can't be in Torino, I will listen or watch the conference. (or both) 

When you will be here in Italy we should get in contact by phone.
(so we will discuss about the webiste)
My spoken english is worse then the written one but sure we will communicate 

Certanly you will meet the A.I.
I'm sure: you, the A.I., me and the all "volunteers" working at the webiste 
will be able to define clearly each item related to creativecommons.it 

My point of view about the website:
1) as said before we should define each rule
ex: webmaster, editors, news writers, and so on
2) we should define what kind of news and contents we are going to publish
3) we should upgrade dns and point it.creativecommons.org to present server, 
makin' a redirect from creativecommons.it to it.creativecommons.org (in this 
way the website will be yours) 

4) **we should write and sign a contract**(maybe a "private" contract 
between us, but we should sign it) 

We should aim to a "supervision" by A.I on contents but we should find the 
way to be a free community able to spread freely and work.
As I said before we can't do anything without establish rules. 

(Pardon my english) 

Danilo Moi
danilomoi at creativecommons.it

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