[Cc-it] Re: Creative Commons Italy

Christiane Asschenfeldt christiane a creativecommons.org
Lun 13 Dic 2004 11:47:10 EST

Dear Danilo,

thank you very much for your work  and help. I hope we can meet in 
Torino on the 16th to discuss the future of creativecommons.it?

All the best, Christiane

On 11.12.2004, at 15:24, creatives a attivista.com wrote:

> Hi Christiane
> I'm Danilo Moi, webmaster (and not only) of creativecommons.it
> We get in contact two times before.
> creativecommons.it stands still.
> We did translate creativecommons.org' disclaimer but it is impossible 
> to use it as our disclaimer because of the differences between our 
> juridical system and american one.
> (and because of the differences between creativecommons.org and 
> creativecommons.it)
> We will publish a "verbatim translation" of your policies and we are 
> going to outline that it is "for information purposes only".
> We are going to use a shorter disclaimer on which we will clarify our 
> position and we will introduce each item needed by italian legal 
> system.
> **To this we need the Affiliate Institutions' help.**(and with need to 
> clarify the position iteself)
> (as I said many times in many messagges in our discussion list)
> Affiliate Institutions' help is also needed  in the whole 
> website.(idem)
> We are carrying on a great work but we need that help to prevent 
> problems and damages.
> So: is there a way to introduce Affiliate Institutions in 
> creativecommons.it?
> I believe that the Affiliate Institutions were (and still are) 
> available to help with the web site.
> If the **situation is clarified and clear rules are established**, the 
> AI could easily become involved.
> We can't go on without this rules.
> I hope that the A.I and Lorenzo De Tomasi (the owner of 
> creativecommons.it) would add something to my words.
> P.S.: please don't mind at my bad english
> Danilo Moi
> creativecommons.it's webmaster
> danilomoi at creativecommons.it
Christiane Asschenfeldt
Alte Schoenhauser Strasse 35
10119 Berlin

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