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Mer 21 Apr 2004 19:59:32 EDT

Ciņ che riporto sotto č la risposta di Christiane Asschenfeldt alla  email 
spedita da me e da Lorenzo De Tomasi per ottenere l'autorizzazione alla 
pubblicazione di creativecommons.it
Lorenzo confermi. 

Danilo Moi


Dear Lorenzo, 

please start to work on the Italian website! 

Thank you very much for your work, 

all the best, Christiane 

On 21.04.2004, at 14:15, Lorenzo De Tomasi wrote: 

Dear Christiane,
The italian version of the licenses is still in progress (but we guess is 
going to end).
Few members of the list are involved in this process (mainly carried on by 
partner institutions).
We are not lawyers and sometimes we really feel unhelpful.
We believe that many members of the discussion list would be gratified in 
contributing at the project. This is certainly possible publishing 
We also believe, as we said before, that creativecommons.it would be a 
"powerful tool" to gather, coordinate, and launch Italian activities and 
happenings concerning Creative Commons.
We only need your o.k. to start working, preparing a website takes a lot of 
time,(especially one like creativecommons.it), so, most likely, the website 
itself will be ready after them.
In the opposite situation (rather implausible) we can also start to publish 
(If  you agree) some basic translated contents, redirecting the users to the 
English version of the licenses.
Best regards, 

Danilo Moi
Lorenzo De Tomasi 


Christiane Asschenfeldt
Alte Schoenhauser Strasse 35
10119 Berlin

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