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pinna pinna a autistici.org
Mer 26 Nov 2003 14:25:33 EST

[en]    (versione italiana in basso)

Christiane, it seems that we're not able to follow your guidelines about
this list. we need a place where we may talk about CC-strictly-related
issues that doesn't fit your guidelines (for example: the CC general
policy and philosophy; local initiatives where we explain the CC
project and licenses, and so on). we need to discuss in our language, 
so i think we cannot use the cc-licenses mailing list.

You wrote us:

> Please limit your suggestions and comments to things that will help
> the licenses fit into Italian law. The role of the discussion is not
> to second-guess either Creative Commons' general policy or the
> philosophy reflected in the licenses. 
> It's aim is to change the licenses the least amount possible to make
> it concord with Italian law (...)

as you know, since August 2003 there's an un-official italian mailing
list, that some (not all) of us are using to discuss CC-related issues.
should we use that list?
or a new, "official" mailing list on ibiblio.org would be a better

thank you in advance,


mi sono rivolto a Christiane Asschenfeldt (che -ricordo- e' iscritta
alla lista e non parla italiano) per spiegarle che di fatto non stiamo
seguendo le sue linee guida sugli scopi di questa lista. le ho chiesto
se, per tutte le discussioni che riguardano (ad esempio) la filosofia
espressa dalle licenze CC o la sua policy generale, dovremmo usare la
lista "non ufficiale" o se oppure sia meglio che venga creata una nuova
mailing list "ufficiale". per le discussioni generali esisterebbe gia' 
la lista cc-licenses, dove pero' si parla solo in inglese.


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