[Cc-it] Re: [Copywhat] Re: [eucd] [NEWS] Nascita del Digital Media Project (DMP)

Peter Mogensen apm a mutex.dk
Dom 14 Dic 2003 15:17:26 EST

On Sun, 14 Dec 2003, Peter Mogensen wrote:
> Therefore - if Chariglione is as you say, then I have absolutely no
> confidence in his project.

Sorry...misquote.  If he is as Philippe Aigrain says:
"hopeless to convince him that you can not produce a system
allowing to enforce rights by technology without biasing it..."

At least in Denmark IFPI is partly aware that "copy control" will never
work. The official word is now that they regard it as "speed bumps" which
should make the "pirate" think twice.
Yes... probably (I don't think so), but it'll most likely also make the
paying customer think twice before he ever buys a "copy control" product
After all... the pirated version from the nearest P2P network is so much
more flexible a product.
As a musician said: "The worst thing we can do is to make the copy more
worth than the original."
IMHO this is excatly what they are doing with the current trends in "copy
protected" CD's.


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