[Cc-it] Re: [Copywhat] Re: [eucd] [NEWS] Nascita del Digital Media Project (DMP)

Peter Mogensen apm a mutex.dk
Dom 14 Dic 2003 15:02:26 EST

On Sun, 14 Dec 2003, Andrea Glorioso wrote:
> Your scenario is  quite possible, but  I'm not particularly interested
> in it.  I mean, every day I see political decisions being taken with a
> foggy    reference to  not-well-specified    "experts",  "analysts" or
> whatever.   We can't avoid  the DMP or  any other group  refer to some
> unspecified "consumer group".

My impression - when I read the DMP manifesto - was that these guys ( at
least on paper) had all the good intentions, but that they totally ignored
the posibility that it could be technically impossible to produce a system
which fulfilled all their requirements and that they had formulated their
priorities in such a way that this in the end had to result in either wide
spread "trusted computing" or super-DMCA-laws ... or both.

Therefore - if Chariglione is as you say, then I have absolutely no
confidence in his project.

Peter Mogensen

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