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Niels Vestergaard Jensen nvj a fys.ku.dk
Sab 13 Dic 2003 11:24:57 EST

On Thu, 11 Dec 2003, Andrea Glorioso wrote:

> >>>>> "nvj" == Niels Vestergaard Jensen <nvj a fys.ku.dk> writes:

First a correction: In my former mail i wrote that "DRM is physically
impossible". I meant "DRM" in the sense of "client-side copy control" and
it could actually be possible - but only with control over all digital

>     nvj> Chariglione (IIRC former SDMI - infamous Felten dispute) has
>     nvj> already made up his mind, and I think we should rightfully
>     nvj> criticize him for that.
> Sure.  That's why we should talk to the DMP (which is not Leonardo
> Chiariglione alone, as I already mentioned).
>     nvj> The   work plan laid  out  clearly presupposes the conclusion
>     nvj> that DRM is the solution, the question is  only how it can be
>     nvj> "interoperable" and "acceptable to end users". As if.
> Although I don't like DRM  as is being  proposed by the industry (and,
> to a lesser extent, by the Digital Media Project) I'm fairly convinced
> that DRM proposals  will  go on, our  ideas  notwithstanding.  I think
> it's important that  the industry (and the DMP,  which is in a certain
> sense  representative  of the   industry,  although  a number  of  its
> positions are much  more  sensible) knows  that  the "users"  (and the
> citizens) have a fairly broad concept of what constitutes a "fair use"
> or "traditional" right.
> Remaining silent  in this  occasion has the  only effect  that the DMP
> (and the  industry representatives which are  a part of  the DMP) will
> have the opportunity to say "ok, nobody told us that this and this and
> this right  was important to you, so  we implemented that and that and
> that usage restriction".

"Remaining silent" would not be my favourite option either.

> Sure, they can ignore our positions no matter how  loud we speak.  But
> for me it's important  that nobody will  be able to say, tomorrow, "we
> offered you to discuss these issues and you didn't".

You're right. My point is that we should talk to them from the outside,
not from the inside. (At least I can't see how we can join as members,
when the conclusion is so clearly written already).

> BTW, this   has nothing  to   do  with  being  the  "poster   boy" for
> Chiariglione or the DMP (which I'm not  a mamber of, although I follow
> its mailing list).

I didn't intend to accuse you of being his poster boy - my apologies if it
was read that way. I meant to point out the general risk that we'd be used
for poster boys - that's in my opinion a very real risk. ("After
consultation with consumer groups, experts and industry representatives
the Digital Media Project today concluded that....")

Anyway, just my personal opinion.


	Niels, Digital Consumer Denmark

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