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Niels Vestergaard Jensen nvj a fys.ku.dk
Mer 10 Dic 2003 20:40:24 EST

[I have no idea of whether I can reply to all these lists - feel free to

Chariglione (IIRC former SDMI - infamous Felten dispute) has already made
up his mind, and I think we should rightfully criticize him for that.

The work plan laid out clearly presupposes the conclusion that DRM is the
solution, the question is only how it can be "interoperable" and
"acceptable to end users". As if.

DRM is physically impossible and the ever more desperate attempts at
pushing it through will only prolong and worsen the current "digital media
stalemate" while hurting competition, fair use and cultural growth. I have
no intention of becoming Charigliones poster boy for the purpose of
promoting it.

best regards,

	Niels, Digital Consumer Denmark
	niels a digitalforbruger.dk

On Sat, 6 Dec 2003, Andrea Glorioso wrote:

> [Please, keep the   Cc: to copywhat a lists.perchetopi.org, besides  any
> other mailing list/forum you feel is interested in the matter]
> http://www.chiariglione.org/project/press.htm
> Press release
> 2003/12/03
> Digital  Media Project issues  call for submissions regarding fair use
> and other rights -- DMP signed into official existence on 1st December
> 2003 in Geneva
> The  Digital  Media Project issues a    call for submissions regarding
> traditional rights and  usages  usually associated with  content usage
> such  as  fair use, first  sale,  privacy etc. as  well as traditional
> rights and usages  associated with  copyright ownership, distribution,
> attribution, retail and  other business models  along with other  more
> general human  rights to  communicate    so that  these  can  best  be
> accommodated in a  digital, trusted bitstream/file  environment, or in
> other words, "mapped" to the digital domain.
> The  Digital Media Project, which as  part of its  genesis published a
> Digital Media Manifesto  on 30th of September,  was signed into formal
> existence as   a non-profit  organization based in   Geneva on  1st of
> December 2003.
> The DMP  mission  is "to   promote continuing successful  development,
> deployment  and use  of  Digital Media   that  respect  the  rights of
> creators and rights  holders to exploit their  works, the  wish of end
> users to  fully enjoy the benefits  of Digital Media and the interests
> of various value-chain   players  to provide products   and  services,
> according to the principles laid down in the Digital Media Manifesto".

> Hi all.
> On       Dec   1,     2003      the       "Digital Media      Project"
> (http://www.chiariglione.org/project) was officially born.  The DMP is
> an offspring of Leonardo Chiariglione (CSELT, MPEG) - you can read the
> project's manifesto here:

> http://www.chiariglione.org/manifesto/
> I think we should follow closely the activities of this project (which
> doesn't mean agreeing with  it,  of course).  Prof. Chiariglione   has
> managed to create an  organization (which is formally a not-for-profit
> one) composed by:
> - British Telecommunications 	(UK)
> - Enterprise of the Future 	(US)
> - École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (CH)
> - MPEG LA                       (US)
> - Multimedia Architectures 	(JP)
> - Sociedad Digital Autores y Editores 	(ES)
> - Telecom Italia 	        (IT)
> - University of Tokyo 	        (JP)
> and   that counts   on  the  external (up   to now)  contributions  of
> Microsoft, Sony and Matshita, amongst others.

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