[Cc-it] inclusione delle licenze CC nelle opere o semplice link ?

pinna pinna a autistici.org
Sab 13 Dic 2003 09:58:48 EST

riporto da http://www.gnu.org/licenses/licenses.html questa importante
prima di dibatterne qui, credo sia necessario verificare come sia
stato preso in considerazione questo problema nelle mailing list di CC:
appena posso la faro' io, a meno che qualcuno non abbia gia' studiato la
questione. se desiderate una traduzione, non avete che da dirlo.

we recommend you consider the licenses proposed by Creative Commons. 
However, when using them, we strongly urge you to reject the option to
reference the license with a link to a URL. You cannot take for granted
that the same URL will still function ten years from now; fifty years
from now, URLs as they exist today may be entirely obsolete. If the URL
does not function, that would disconnect your work from its license;
then it would effectively lose its copying permissions, since people
won't be able to tell what is permitted. We therefore urge you to
include a copy of the license with the work, for every work, all the


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