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Science, Data and Creative Commons

On Monday 24 March at 2 p.m., Puneet Kishor, Manager, Science and Data at Creative Commons, Mountain View, California, will speak on the topic "Science, Data and Creative Commons".

The venue is the moot court room, Room AL 1.52, Áras na Laoi.

Puneet Kishor is the Manager of Science and Data Policy at Creative Commons (CC) where he works on all aspects of the scientific information lifecycle to make it systemically open and collaborative. Puneet's current CC Science projects are focused on making better workflow tools, changing the conversation from the privacy imperative to the sharing potential of data, using personal data for public good, the role of open hardware and certification in science, legal implications of text and data mining, promoting open science in the global south, and extending the reach of CC by networking scientists from different disciplines and geographies. Puneet arrived at CC via a rural development NGO in New Delhi, the World Bank in Washington DC, a GeoSpatial consultancy and data research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Puneet is a data wrangler, environmental scientist, geospatial developer and Charter Member of the Open Source GeoSpatial Foundation.

Puneet would also be interested in meeting UCC staff who are interested in the topcis of his talk on a one-to-one basis on Monday morning; he can be reached by email at punkish at creativecommons.org<mailto:punkish at creativecommons.org>.

This guest talk is hosted by Creative Commons Ireland, the Irish affiliate of Creative Commons, based at UCC Law Department.

Website - www.creativecommonsireland.org<http://www.creativecommonsireland.org>

What is Creative Commons?

UCC Law Department is the Irish partner in the worldwide Creative Commons movement, which develops legal and technical infrastructure which maximizes digital creativity, sharing, and innovation.  Creative Commons is headquartered in Mountain View, California and has more than 100 affiliates worldwide.  Creative Commons has enabled a new approach to copyright licensing and its licences are used by the Australian Federal Parliament, YouTube, the White House, Flickr and Wikipedia.  The UK Research Council now requires Creative Commons licensing in its Open Access Policy.  The Public Leads of Creative Commons Ireland are Dr Darius Whelan and Dr Louise Crowley of UCC Law Department.

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