[Cc-ie] BBC Creative Archive - How can RTE be convinced to do thesame ?

Damien Mulley cz at esatclear.ie
Thu Apr 14 18:53:01 EDT 2005

> The older stuff would have been produced in-house though, wouldn't it?
> That stuff would be absolutely wonderful for open-content documentaries
> and the like. 

What's the length of time in Ireland before this content goes into the 
public domain ?

pod.shtml - The BBC today announced more podcasts are being made 

It'd be pretty damned cool if RTE made podcasts available and not 
crappy RealMedia files that I have to stream off a computer to listen 
to. Sure, there are workarounds to download the stream, convert it to 
mp3 and then listen to it, but it's cumbersome and it's not endorsed by 
RTE. Morning Ireland is still the best show around with quality 
journalists and for those that sleep in late it's a shame to miss it.

RTE are being slightly progressive I guess. They have the streaming 
media on the site, pity it's realmedia. Give us OGG Vorbis for audio ! 
RTE also have XML feeds for their news section, they don't advertise 
this on their site though, which is a shame.

So, what would be some bold steps from RTE ?

1. Podcasting, with podcasts wrapped in XML feeds. CC licenced. 
2. Online audio and video archive available for download, and using 
BitTorrent to solve bandwidth issues ? They should include free tools 
to allow people to remix the content. CC licenced.
3. RSS Feeds for all online content as well as allowing people to 
comment on online stories. 

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