[Cc-ie] Basic question...

adam beecher lists at beecher.net
Tue Jan 20 06:40:52 EST 2004

I was only rootling around on CC the other day and found the "licence
generator" type-thing quite useful. However the apparent need for an Irish
licence creates: a) an impression that a licence I "generate" on CC isn't
valid in Ireland; and b) a suggestion that I'll be restricted to a singular
Irish licence that mightn't actually represent what I want.

So, two questions:

a) Are the generic CC licences valid in Ireland?
b) If I choose the Irish licence what do I do if I want to restrict/open
certain rights, as I can with the generator?


PS. I got the impression that we didn't have "fair use" rights in Ireland,
presumably because it's been said that the UK doesn't. Off-topic I know, but
where do we stand on time-shifting, i.e. VCR, DVR, etc?

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