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Voici en pièce jointe le texte intégral d'une décision de justice qui a
appliqué une licence BY NC ND en Belgique.
Une musique a été adaptée pour faire un message publicitaire sans
attribution, aucune des 3 conditions n'était donc respectée, et les dommages
obtenus sont supérieurs à ce que le groupe aurait perçu pour les passages
radios avec la SABAM (SACEM belge).
Seul regret, la confusion du juge entre appliquer l'option NC et avoir une
idéologie non commerciale et demander un prix supérieur aux conditions



Dear all,

A Belgian court today has applied the CC license to a copyright infringement
suit. I attach the judgment (in French). The facts were simple, a music band
had posted on its website some music under a CC license Non commercial - No
derivative works. A theater adapted the music to make an advertisement for
their theatrical season. The ad was broadcasted on the national radio
several times (with no attribution).
The band refused the damages that the theater proposed (1500 €) and decided
to sue for copyright infringement.
The court  aknowledge the licensing under the CC license and the fact that
the theater did not respect any of the license fetaures:
- no attribution was made
- the music was slightly modified for the ad
- the advertisement, even for a theater was a commercial use prohibited by
the license.

The theater defended itself by arguing a mistake (the court said that as a
professional of the cultural sector, they should pay more attention to
licensing conditions) and its good faith (traditionnally not accepted in
Belgian as a defense to copyright infringement).
But the court denied to the band the amount of damages they rclaimed (around
10.000 €- and only granted 4500€ (i.e. 1500€ for each attribute of the
license that was not respected), considering that it was paradoxical to
license works under a CC license and a non-commercial ideology but demanding
a price that would be higher than commercial conditions...

The band first contacted me as the Belgium CC leader but I entrusted hem
with one researcher working with me who is also a lawyer and helped them
before the courts.

If you need any more information, feel free to ask...

Best regards


Professor at the University of Namur
Director of the Research Center in IT and Law (CRID)

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