[cc-education] WHY EDU ?

Stephen Downes stephen at downes.ca
Tue Feb 10 01:58:48 EST 2004

David Wiley wrote:

> > If it ain't a commons, it shouldn't be on this website
> > or it should be clearly delineated with a message:
> > "This license will not put your work in a public commons"
> Isn't this for Creative Commons to decide? I know that sounds like a
> silly question, but shouldn't they be allowed to judge for themselves
> what is a commons and what isn't, and whether an educational commons is
> a thing worth trying to facilitate or not?
If it's for Creative Commons to decide, then we're back to
my original argument about there being no process and
about Creative Commons doing whatever it wants, no
matter what people want.

It is clear that there are significant differences over this
issue. It is clear that the education license, as written,
will arouse significant opposition in the community.

It's time, I think, to come up with the fish.

Let's see a process for making this decision put on
the table. A process that ensures that people with a
stake in the issue have a bearing on the outcome. A
process that amounts to something more than just
'Creative Commons doing what it wants.'

I think this is an important moment, not just for
educators, but for Creative Commons. The decision
as to whether CC belongs to the people, or is a
private fiefdom, is made here.

-- Stephen

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