[cc-education] WHY EDU ?

David Wiley dw2 at opencontent.org
Mon Feb 9 23:28:12 EST 2004

email at greglondon.com wrote:
> Agreed. but education-only licenses should not be
> on a CreativeCommons.org website, talking about
> creating a public commons of audio, video, and text,
> with a picture of a cow eating in a public commons
> as its mascot.
> If it ain't a commons, it shouldn't be on this website
> or it should be clearly delineated with a message:
> "This license will not put your work in a public commons"

Isn't this for Creative Commons to decide? I know that sounds like a 
silly question, but shouldn't they be allowed to judge for themselves 
what is a commons and what isn't, and whether an educational commons is 
a thing worth trying to facilitate or not?


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