[cc-education] Quick draft

David Wiley dw2 at opencontent.org
Fri Feb 6 12:02:56 EST 2004

Hello all. There have only been a handful of responses to the last 
email. I hope people won't feel offended or that I'm jumping the gun by 
offering draft language with so few responses, but we are working on a 

As context for the draft below, please take a moment to look at the 
format of CC's new Sampling License - 
http://creativecommons.org/license/sampling - I've made a conscious 
effort to make our draft similar in structure and style. There is some 
discussion below the draft.


If you make your work available under the Education License, you require 
that users of your work:

  - Cite you as the source of the work per standard academic practices,

  - Make only noncommercial uses of your work which primarily and 
purposively facilitate learning, and

  - Distribute any modified versions of your work

     + under this same license, and
     + include in the distribution a copy of the original work which 
allows users to determine what changes you made to the derived work 
(inclusion by link / reference is sufficient)

Do you want to:

Allow teachers, students, and others directly associated with a formal 
educational institution, as well as mentors, tutors, self-learners, and 
others who may not be directly associated with a formal educational 
institution, to make permitted uses of your work?

  - Yes

  - No, I want to restrict use of my work to only teachers, students, 
and others directly associated with a formal educational institution.


This license is sort of a "By-NC-SA Plus" license. The three pluses are 
(1) noncommercial uses are not sufficient - uses must be noncommercial 
AND primarily facilitate learning, (2) a mechanism is imposed that 
establishes accountability for for the creation of derivative works.

(3) is the big one. Rather than decide for the user whether to stick to 
formal educational institutions or not, the draft language passes the 
decision on to the user. This choice in effect creates two education 
licenses. You will see at http://creativecommons.org/projects/sampling 
that the Sampling licence takes two forms because of a similar option, 
with two distinct license names and two separate icons. I propose that 
we call one license the Open Education license, and the other the Formal 
Education License, and that we also use two separate icons to keep clear 
in users minds' which is which.

So, feedback please. Remember we're trying to arrive at a draft by next 
Wednesday. Thanks for your blood, sweat, and tears on this,


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