[cc-education] introduction of David Wiley, project lead

Glenn Otis Brown glenn at creativecommons.org
Sun Jun 22 21:33:29 EDT 2003

Dr. David Wiley, Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology at Utah
State University, is the project lead for the educational use discussion
list.  David is also the founder of OpenContent.org, one of a few early
licensing projects that helped inspire Creative Commons.

The OpenContent Project launched in 1998, offering the first license
designed specifically to support the free and open sharing of content.
While working to evangelize the idea of "open content," Wiley next worked
with members of the open source software community and commercial
publishers to develop an open content license that would be acceptable to
publishers. Since its release numerous books have been published under
the terms of the resulting Open Publication License, including titles by
O'Reilly, Prentice Hall, New Riders, and the Association for Educational
Communications and Technology. Copies of the OpenContent License and Open
Publication License will continue to be available from the OpenContent
website (http://opencontent.org/) for archival purposes, but newcomers to
the site will be encouraged to visit Creative Commons
(http://creativecommons.org/) to utilize the licenses available on their
site. Neither of the OpenContent licenses will be developed further in
the future.

Welcome, Professor Wiley, and thanks for helping us out.

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