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Heather Ford hford at csli.stanford.edu
Wed Dec 3 06:44:29 EST 2003

Thanks for clearing that up, David. I couldn't agree with you more about 
being more collaborative about the process - and I'd love to work with 
people on doing something really practical to advance creative commons 
licensing around the world. In fact, I'm going to be presenting a paper on 
the relevance of creative commons for the African public domain in Cape 
Town in January at the Idlelo conference (http://idlelo.uwc.ac.za) and one 
of the main things that I'll be stressing is that creative commons is as 
much about the philosophy of people working together collaboratively as a 
community with shared goals, as it is about providing a practical 
alternative to copyright. We often forget about this when we talk about 
open content - but I believe that it's an important part of opening up 
the 'workings', the nuts and bolts and the 'source code' of the content-
generation process. 

I was actually thinking of building a collaboration space for educators 
who are interested in using Creative Commons licenses in building 
curricula collaboratively. It would have the facility to link people 
together across particular themes (kind of like a Friendster for 
curriculum developers) and really develop our ability to collectively wade 
through and filter the mass of open content that is being made available 
into practical, current information bytes using blogs, wikis and 
collaborative project management similar to that used by projects such as  
www.openoffice.org . You'll notice that openoffice.org has opened up their 
*entire* development process - including marketing - to the international 
public, and does a similar thing to what you suggested by having contact 
nodes in each region responsible for marketing and press liaison. 

I'd be very willing to set up a collaborative space for cc education 
people to start developing these materials - if it is generally agreed 
that it's a good idea and if people are willing to comment on how it 
should look.



4 PM 12/2/2003, you wrote:
On Wed, 2003-12-03 at 05:34, Heather Ford wrote:
> >
> >Well, yes, I understand what you are saying,
> <heather> Sorry, but I don't understand? What can you do better than 
> >and I think that I could do
> >it better than most, but how the project is presented has a lot to do
> >with how it is accepted.
> >So I thought that pooling resources/ideas, and then jointly working out
> >an effective approach would garner the greater acceptance level in the
> >marketplace.
> >Regards,
> >
> >David.
> >
Hello Heather,

At one stage I was one of the more prominant promotors in Australia.

As to the second part, 'pooling of ideas', etc.,
(1) I am a firm believer in the open source community-based way of doing
(2) I don't have the arrogance to make decisions on a situation where I
am not the only personality involved.


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