[cc-devel] How to XMP-tag an image with a CC licence?

Andrew Smith asmith16 at littlesvr.ca
Tue Mar 24 16:55:00 EDT 2015

Hi everyone

We are trying to write some code that inserts correct XMP metadata into 
CC-licenced images. I am having a very hard time figuring out what 
exactly that means. Would appreciate some help from people who've been 
working with this stuff much longer than me:

First of all, are there any sample images with confirmed valid metadata 
in them? That would help a lot in trying to figure it out.

Trying to interpret this: 

My questions:

* xmpRights:WebStatement sounds to me a little unlikely to be used by 
anyone. If I read it correctly it's supposed to be a different URL for 
every single piece of content. Is that what it's supposed to be? If I 
assume that's not realistic (and I'm definitely not providing one 
myself) - what should I set it to? Missing? Empty? The url to the CC 
licence same as cc:license?

* dc:rights I guess I do with this exactly the same thing as the 
WebStatement in all cases?

* xmpRights:UsageTerms sounds like a human-readable and not 
machine-readable text. If I don't care about human-readable licence text 
embedded in my images, what should I do for this field?

* Do xmlns:xmpRights and xmlns:cc need to be in separate <Description> 
elements as the example on page 18 of CC-Rel? 
https://wiki.creativecommons.org/images/d/d6/Ccrel-1.0.pdf or can all of 
these attributes go in one <Description> element?

* cc:license - Where do I get an exhaustive list of links such as 
http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/ ? I'm assuming these are 
forever, will not be deleted or moved? So I can hard-code them in 
software for comparison purposes?

* cc:morePermissions and cc:attributionURL can be safely left blank if I 
don't have content for those values?

Basically, in a simple use case where I know the name of the author and 
the licence to use for the work - what do I set as values for the 
attributes listed above?

Thanks in advance,


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