[cc-devel] Status of the official CC Wordpress plugin

Tarmo Toikkanen tarmo.toikkanen at iki.fi
Fri Jul 5 15:49:57 EDT 2013

Hi all, 

I'm new to the list, but did check the archives back at least 2 years and did not see any mention of this. So here goes:

There's a Wordpress plugin that is listed in the CC wiki: http://wiki.creativecommons.org/WpLicense
However, WpLicense hasn't been updated since 2007. It's well done, since it still works. However, it is very limited in its behavior. Does anyone know if there's already people looking at resuming development of that plugin?

What I've needed is a plugin that works for a multi-author blog, where each author may have a separate license in use, and where certainly the attribution generated in the CC license should reflect each post's real author.

The best plugin I've found is License, which also is outdated and a bit buggy: http://wordpress.org/plugins/license/

I've updated it myself to work better in non-US contexts and fixing bugs. It allows for a default CC license for the blog, a default license for each author, and post-specific licenses that override those defaults. The widgets and short codes display correct post-specific author names in the RDF and HTML. 

I'm planning on publishing my fixed version of "License" to the Wordpress codex. But I'm wondering what the best approach would be in terms of WpLicense and what others are planning or wanting to do.

Tarmo Toikkanen
Creative Commons Finland
tarmo at iki.fi

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