[cc-devel] Kick Starter project terms of agreement question

mackenzie at andersenstudio.com mackenzie at andersenstudio.com
Sun Feb 10 16:37:35 EST 2013

I made my first animated video for a KickStarter Project and I needed some sound.

I thought I would be fine when I went to CTMixter and found a source of creative commons music for commercial use.

But I read the terms and it said it cannot be used for promoting something, which seems quite odd for a commercial license

Then it says that one can't use the sound as is- which also seemed odd- it seems to be saying that if I use any of the sound resources I have to change them up.

So I wrote to the artists to request permission and now I am left wondering if I will ever hear back or look for something else.

Have I interpreted the terms correctly?

Mackenzie Andersen
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