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We are "Free Software Network Serbia", a non-government, non-profit
organization, established for an indefinite period of time to achieve the
objectives of promoting and developing Free Software in the field of
information technologies through professional and technical activities

Our organization's objectives are improvement, development and spreading of
Free Software, citizen education, especially for young, people with
disabilities and senior citizens, as well as regionalization, development,
writing, changing, amending, modifying, testing and maintenance of Free
Software, and working on software freedom in the emerging IT society.

To achieve our goals we contribute to the Free and Open Source Software
development, we promote and translate it; we present the Free and Open
Source Software applicability through seminars, lectures and workshops as
well as through media outlets; we teach the members and other interested
parties, for the sake of knowledge development, through seminars, lectures
and workshops as well as through media outlets; we encourage the use of
Free and Open Source Software; we develop and test software applications,
with the emphasis on the Free and Open Source Software applications
development, using the resources of our organization; we manage computer
resources owned or used by the organization; we take measures and create
conditions for the professional performance improvement; we popularize
technical culture and the legal software use in the field of informatics;
we cooperate with universities, schools, professional associations and
other organizations at home and abroad; we collect and process scientific
and technical literature in the field of Free and Open Source Software and
computer science; we organize, alone or in partnership with other
organizations, professional meetings, conferences, seminars and other forms
of education in the field of informatics and Free Software; we publish
books and other publications on issues related to the development,
dissemination and training in the field of Free and Open Source Software
and computer science.


*"Мрежа за Слободан Софтвер Србије"*

"Szerbia Szabad Szoftver Hálozat"

"Mreža za Slobodan Softver Srbije"
"Free Software Network Serbia"


Erdutska 66a
Subotica 24000
Here are the details<http://pretraga.apr.gov.rs/udruzenja/AssociationBusinessData.aspx?beid=6091956&rnd=02091E2E0FD9C3B3EB8F60AD36832A8F336DE130>
our organization<http://pretraga.apr.gov.rs/udruzenja/AssociationBusinessData.aspx?beid=6091956&rnd=02091E2E0FD9C3B3EB8F60AD36832A8F336DE130>
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