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I mistakenly sent this from the wrong address, so it got bounced by the
cc-devel list :)


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Hi Dan, Kathi,

I'm not sure if you two have met each other, but if you haven't, you should
definitely talk!

Dan from Creative Commons just gave a presentation at the CC Summit in
Buenos Aires about the direction of a project he's working on involving
K-12 teachers and the ability to gather "clips" from around the web that
then gets assembled into their text books.

Sounds familiar? Kathi, I believe this is exactly what you were talking
about when we met earlier this year, and the solution that Dan has worked
out is almost identical to the one my group suggested to you then. I'm
attaching Dan's presentation to this mail, and also copying CC's
development mailing list.

If you two haven't spoken yet, I propose that you do. :-)

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